Who we work with

Anyone who is associated with a school wants to support a charity or who is a member or connected with a community group can join. We want people from all walks of life to join. The scheme benefits from being representative of the UK population and means more incentives for respondents and more revenue for schools, community groups and charities. 

However, you can only join through invitation – receiving the URC either directly from an establishment or through a relative or friend who is already a panellist. 

Registered members are encouraged to invite their friends and wider family members to join and have the opportunity to do this through the site when registering or at any time after having registered.

Under 16s
There are some guidelines that need to be followed for people under the age of 16 who want to participate . These are provided by the Market Research Society (MRS) which oversees research in the UK, to which strictly adheres.

If a person is over the age of 11 but not yet 16 and wants to join a parent/guardian must register them Young people under the age of 11 are not able to receive their own surveys. Parents can register if they have children of this age and any surveys for this age group will be sent directly to the parent.