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Why Eduvoice

EduVoice is the free scheme that provides for anyone connected with a school, charity or community group to raise money at home and in their own time, through participating in research surveys online.

What is Eduvoice?

EduVoice was originally created to provide an easy way for parents and pupils to help raise funds for their schools, but has now grown to allow supporters and members of charities and community groups to raise money to put towards a good cause or help fund activity. Each year companies pay millions of pounds in incentives to people who complete research studies for them online; EduVoice provides for establishments and organisations to pool this money and use it where it is most needed.

Who is it for?

EduVoice is open for any educational establishment, charity or recognized community group to register. Once registered, an organisation can invite anyone it likes to join, so in the case of schools this can be parents, pupils, family members, friends and teachers. For charities it can be any of their supporters or fundraisers, and for local community groups it can be the immediate members as well as other people in the local community who support them.

Why get involved?

EduVoice is good for everybody. The surveys are often fun and the panelists genuinely influence companies, local authorities, government and charities with their opinions. A few of the reasons to join are given below:

Schools and PTAs receive funds from EduVoice with very little input from staff or elected members, unlike having to organise a school fete or other event. The scheme does not require anyone to spend any money at all – on anything; so parents and other school supporters are not burdened by requests to spend yet more of their own money. The money can go to the school itself, the PTA or towards a chosen charity.

Charities and Community groups can benefit from the huge support of a large member base to raise tens of thousands of pounds. Small community groups like football clubs, youth centres or Scout groups can use it to raise a few hundred pounds a year for a new football kit or other vital materials.

Parents are asked by schools and PTAs to contribute to the school fundraising effort, requiring a commitment in time or money. This is not always possible and EduVoice provides a simple, time effective, no-cost way for parents to be able to support their school and their child’s education. In addition, parents can also create a little extra spending power for themselves if they wish.

Charity supporters and members of community groups often have to pay money out of their own pocket to support local activities or charities they believe in. Through participating in EduVoice, people can raise funds to put towards these costs simply by completing a few short surveys a month from the comfort of their own home, as and when they want to.

Who we work with?

Most large scale consumer research is conducted online and we work with a wide range of organisations, companies and charities who want to know what people think and what people are doing across the UK. These include exam boards, broadcasting companies, large retailers, charities, local government, universities and research companies. The research topics vary greatly and it is the role of EduVoice to ensure that these are always suitable for the respondents they are being sent to and meet the stringent guidelines as laid down by the MRS (Market Research Society).

How it works

Establishments and organisations wishing to join the scheme apply through the EduVoice website. Once verified and accepted, these are provided with a welcome pack and Unique Registration Code (URC)

How does the URC work?

The URC enables EduVoice to link any people who register back to the establishment they are associated with, so the incentives for any surveys they complete are correctly allocated. Every person who registers on EduVoice must have been sent, and must use this code in order to register. Invitations for people to register can be sent out by email, newsletter, posted on a website or promoted at an event. Schools, charities and community groups all have their own preferred methods and EduVoice supports these.

When people register they select the percentage from their incentive they want to go to the establishment they are associated with – between a minimum of 50% and up to 100%. Once registered, panelists receive invitations to complete surveys to their email or facebook inbox (if specified). Upon completing a survey, the account for each panelist along with the establishment they are supporting is credited.

Who can join?

Anyone who is associated with a school, wants to support a charity or who is a member or connected with a community group can join. We want people from all walks of life to join EduVoice. The scheme benefits from being representative of the UK population and means more incentives for respondents and more revenue for schools, community groups and charities.

However, you can only join EduVoice through invitation – receiving the URC either directly from an establishment or through a relative or friend who is already a panelist.

Registered members are encouraged to invite their friends and wider family members to join and have the opportunity to do this through the EduVoice site when registering or at any time after having registered.

Under 16s
There are some guidelines that need to be followed for people under the age of 16 who want to participate in EduVoice. These are provided by the Market Research Society (MRS) which oversees research in the UK, to which Eduvoice strictly adheres.

If a person is over the age of 11 but not yet 16 and wants to join EduVoice, a parent/guardian must register them. The parent does not have to be a panelist on EduVoice themselves to be able to do this. Once registered and having confirmed their own email address, people under 16 will receive their own surveys. Young people under the age of 11 are not able to receive their own surveys. Parents can register if they have children of this age and any surveys for this age group will be sent directly to the parent.

The Surveys?

Content of Surveys
Many different companies and organisations conduct research online through surveys. These can include asking questions about lifestyles and consumer habits, through to asking your opinions about a new product or design. EduVoice is responsible for ensuring that all surveys are suitable and appropriate for the intended audience.

Number of surveys
The number of survey invitations panelists receive depends upon the number commissioned by companies and who they want to speak to at the time; the surveys also need to be equally shared out amongst panelists. There is often criteria placed on who can participate in surveys and invitations are sent out in accordance with this.

Depending on the length and complexity of the survey, each respondent is paid between 50p - £3 per survey. A minimum of 50% of this incentive is paid to the establishment but EduVoice members can increase this to 100%. Individuals can claim the payment from their account once they have reached £10. This payment is made in the form of a voucher, which can be used to buy most things online. Schools payments are made annually and paid directly into the schools account, although schools can claim their payments outside of this time if required.

What to do next

If you have already registered with EduVoice, please 'Sign In' using the button in the header of the page. If you have a 9 digit code, please select the relevant button on the homepage. If you would like to register your establishment please contact us via the 'Register a New Organisation' button

If you have registered:

Members or Moderators: You can log in to your EduVoice profile and start raising money for your chosen organisation today. Simply complete any online surveys that are sent to you via email invitation, or profile notification. The more actively you participate in surveys, the quicker you can help raise money toward your chosen cause! You also have the chance to win some fantastic prizes each month with EduVoice, so keep a look out for these!

If you have not registered:

Hopefully, having read the information you would like to register with EduVoice and start earning money. To register you just need to verify your organisation and we will send you a 'Unique Registration Code' which you can then start sending out straight away.

How much money can be raised?

The sky really is the limit depending on how many people register and how many surveys they complete. However, it is also dependant on the number of surveys that EduVoice are asked to complete by clients.

To provide a guide we estimate that 200 panelists linked to an establishment will generate approximately £1680 per year. This is based on each person electing to donate only 50% of their incentives, so if they all wanted to donate 100%, this amount would increase to £3,360.

Each establishment has an administration account and a person should be allocated to access to this. The administration section shows how much money your establishment has raised and also enables leaving messages for everyone who has registered to raise money on your behalf.

Our partners

Please view our partners below with a brief description of what they do and a link to their websites.

Cloth Cat is a unique grassroots music and education charity working to support people living within disadvantaged circumstances.
Through musical activities they generate new & positive avenues for people to improve their lives. Raising funds through the EduVoice scheme, they're a great success story!

Leeds Music Trust is a charity that provides educational musical opportunities that are ethical, intergenerational and inclusive. They support the unsupported and provide a platform for talent.They aim to promote and develop musical education, skills and provide a service to musicians and local communities. EduVoice gives them a helping hand to do just that!

(Partner's description)

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User testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, read what actual panelists say...

  • Our daughters school is always trying to get parents to help in fundraising activities, but I simply never have time because of work or weekend commitments. This allows me to do my bit when I’m at work or in the evening when I’m on the laptop. Most of the surveys only take about 7 or 8 minutes, it’s no hassle and I’m helping fund something that my daughter will directly benefit from.

    Mark (Parent) from Hounslow

  • EduVoice makes it really easy to complete surveys and join in with important reserach projects. Both myself and the students always find it beneficial to participate and we recently even made and extra £75 for their School Prom. What an excellent programme to be part of.

    Sandie Scott, Teacher at Boldon School, South Tyneside

  • This is an amazing program; you’re paid for your thoughts and opinions on topics that really matter. Contributing to these surveys makes me feel like your part of something and that my opinion really matters!

    Leia-Janine Bromfield-Peltier, 16 Isleworth

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